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Wishmere is an action fighting brawler that literally let's you exert your will over your enemies. You are the master of your Fate: by slowing time or casting an interrupting shield, you can own the fight. Exploit time-slowing as offense or defense, break down enemy momentum and dismantle their best efforts. Take up arms as the 'Wishmere,' the world's ancient order of heroes chosen by fate, and enter a locked battle with the undying and malevolent Doubt.

Our Ongoing Beta (Early Access) is rapidly progressing, integrating player feedback and evolving character meta, moves and strategy. Do take part and give your feedback, read up on the Official Wishmere Wiki and join in the discussion with other players on the Steam Forum.

Pick up of Wishmere on itch.io and get a free copy of the digital artbook "The Art of Wishmere" once we release the full version of the game. All buyers of Wishmere from itch.io will receive a copy of the digital artbook via the email address used to purchase Wishmere!

  • Fate System – slow down time at any point in a fight or break out of enemy attacks, putting your opponents at your mercy.
  • Class-based combat - utilize class-based Abilities: maneuvers that makes each character unique, each with their own advantage and disadvantage.
  • Highly Accessible – flashy attacks and combos with extremely simple button inputs: the depth is not in the button execution!
  • Skill Upgrades - build your character's skills to best suit your playstyle: choose to hide weaknesses or amplify strengths.
  • Combos - intricate combo system that mirrors those from fighting games. "If it hits; it hits."
  • Single Player or Local Multiplayer – fight alone or wage war against Doubt with up to 4 players, enemy difficulty dynamically adapts the number of players.

Current Game Modes (work in progress):

  • Story Mode – uncover the lore of Wishmere.
  • Arcade Mode – endure against waves of enemies as you advance floor levels in the enemy base-- including an Endless base version!
  • Versus Mode – throw down the gauntlet and battle against friends.
  • Tutorial Mode – get informed and learn the game.
  • Training Mode - train your moves and combos to prepare for the war against Doubt.

This Steam Early Access game is currently not a finished game and may or may not change significantly over the course of development. To learn more about Steam Early Access, please visit http://store.steampowered.com/earlyaccessfaq/


Buy Now$11.99 USD or more

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got the game on steam, it s quite good, hope it could support online game later on.

Thanks a lot for the support and kind words, Jeff! We're looking into online support, but it's looking very tough for this type of game. We'll keep our eyes peeled for alternatives or ways to make it work.

I watched a bit of a playthru and it looked like it had an interesting story. I'm disappointed that neither this page or the Steam has any mention of it...

Good eye. We're definitely going to include it in future write-ups as the game develops. Thanks for stopping by!